Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Glass pendants

The ladies made some awesome glass pendants at our retreat this past weekend. There were 16 that completed the project.

This is my homemade drying station. I cut a hole in a piece of cardboard, got the precise height I wanted with books and pieces of wood, tucked my hairdryer into it and set it on low.

I'm particularly proud of these two - both ladies created their own art for the pendant.
I gave them a choice of pretty origami paper, hymns or create their own zentangle. Only two were brave enough to draw their own, several ended up layering the hymns with origami paper and they all turned out quite nice. Several ladies asked if they could put their bales on the side and hang them horizontal instead of vertical....I told them they could but they'd have to make sure the bales were centered or it wouldn't hang level. They all opted to hang them vertical after all.
My sister Alicia did a cooking demonstration to show how to make Creme Brulee. Most people think it's hard to make, but apparently it's pretty easy. I didn't get to watch, I was busy with ladies making pendants. She made two batches and they were delicious!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The pendants were a hit I see. Great job done by all. I am no a creme brule fan but I know many who are and would love to partake in the results of this demonstration.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

P.S. Your drying station is ingenious.

A Lady's Life said...

The pendants are wonderful.
Great job!

Linda said...

I wish I could live in Alaska and take your classes. The pendants look great!

kimmie said...

I can see zentangles there .... So you taught how to make the pendants AND how to do zentangles ... Great job!!

Kellie said...

Love the pendants! Looks like a fun retreat, glad both you and your sister got to enjoy it.