Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Silly Goose

This Canadian goose chose to make a nest right in the middle of the parking lot where I work. There are trees and marshy area all along the side of our building, but for some reason she picked the parking lot. Not a good spot...I'm going to have to put out cones or something to block of this space so that she can be undisturbed.

Happy Animal Wednesday!


studio lolo said...

No, not a very good idea at all!! But it is a good idea to put out traffic cones :)

There were sparrows nesting in a sign above a store here, and as soon as the fledglings left the nest they all got killed by people pulling into the parking spaces below. It was so sad, and the poop mama bird was frantic. :(

I'm hoping for a better outcome for those goslings!

HAW Patty :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

They aren't very smart birds. But maybe they chose this spot becasue it stays dry and people ignore her. HAW.

crochet lady said...

Hope Goosey stays safe.

Teri C said...

Isn't nature grand?! Her critters always give us something to enjoy. Hope she stays safe especially when the babies hatch.


Mim said...

that's amazing! I hope the babies are OK when they are born. silly goose is right

A Lady's Life said...

That's a nice goose.
Too bad they don't stay.

marianne said...

I hope the nest and the baby geese stay safe!
Silly goose indeed. Nice post Patty!

Have a nice day