Friday, April 1, 2011

My world

This is a little snippet of my life. I was down town yesterday at, yet another, computer software meeting. I took these pics from the parking garage.

Looking west - you can just see some mountains on the horizon - it's the whitest spot between the gray/blue ocean and below the gray sky.
Looking north - Anchorage is situated on a peninsula in Cook Inlet so you can see water that direction also. There are mountains this way too but you can't see them due to low cloud cover.Don't you think that we see an awful lot of gray? Varying shades to be sure, but it is very gray in the spring time.


Lynn said...

Its so funny to me to see all that snow and hear you calling that spring! LOL
Wish I could send you our blue skies and sunshine. xoxo

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Yes.. I was thinking the same thing that Lynn was. snow and spring dont seem to compute with me. I am also surprised to see so many high rise buildings too.

tainterturtles said...

Hummm, I live in Wisconsin and we look just like Anchorage as of today!!!! Spring can mean warm temps and snow as well. We've even received snow in late April!

studio lolo said...

ugh, it's grey and brown here too! We just had more snow two days ago.
I must have been blind to leave California and follow my husband back here!!
But our beautiful weather is coming soon...and then I can go outside and play!!

Kellie said...

aah, home. yes, it's all those lovely shades of gray. just think by may 1st you'll be green, with buds on the trees. it'll come just so fast.

marianne said...

It has been about 25 years ago since I was in Anchorage..... I have skied there.
We had a layover there on our way to Tokyo. Those were the days;)
Hope spring will arrive there soon!!!!!
Hold on Patty!

Aunt Krissy said...

Homesick. Sniff sniff

Caroline said...

Oh boy - that looks soooo cold! Hope you have some warmth soon!

Caroline said...

P.S. The colours in your photos go so well on your new blog template!!