Thursday, March 10, 2011

Where exactly is spring?

I came home from work early today since I have to work on Saturday and must comp my time - I'm not allowed to get overtime. So on this beautiful sunny day I came home and did my taxes. After 3 stressful hours hunched over the computer I decided to take the two dogs for a little walk. I needed to relieve some stress and they needed to quit bugging me before I killed them both.
So I hooked them up to leashes and we headed down the street to this little park with a trail through the woods. At one end is a small lake where the trail turns. That's where I turned around a came back. You can probably see from the glare on the path how slippery it was.
Here the dogs are practicing a sit, stay command. They did not do very well. I give Taz an F- and Roxy gets a C, just barely acceptable!
I really need to work with them both on leash training. We don't do much walking on a leash because we have a fenced back yard and they run around in that or we take them to the cabin where they run free.

Note to self: 1. Move away from this land of ice and snow. 2. Take the dogs one at a time the next time we go for a "fun" walk. 3. Do not attempt to do taxes in the same house with whiny dogs.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What an exciting day. At least you had a little sunshine. I could use a dose of sun myself. Your dogs look so sweet and innocent sitting there in the snow. I bet they couldn't sit still because they were cold sitting on that snow. What excitement for them to get out on leash. A wonderful skill to have. Just in case.

Aunt Krissy said...

Sorry, but I laughed at you! I can just see how it all. Dogs, and taxes are not a good mix!

A Lady's Life said...

Well I had to laugh here. Typical day in a womans life.dogs and taxes lol
I can relate to that totally. Except here I open the door for one dog and the other just sits and looks. I cant budge him
Then when the dog comes back inside the other one sits and thinks a bit about it all and finally register he has to go out and then sits and barks. When you open the door he just sits. So I don't bother to pay attention to him till he gets up Then I know he wants to go out.
I forgive him cause he's old and must have alzheimers.He needs to be put down but we have no heart to do this. Our fault.

SandyAlaska said...

-10º this AM before the temp finally reversed and it's now about +32º

I think we all empathize with you adn your taxes... it'll feel really good when you have them all DONE ! : o)