Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My world Tuesday

I spent most of the day in downtown Anchorage at a 3-day meeting I must attend for my job. While moving from one building to another, I walked through the city square where an ice sculpting competition had taken place. Some of the sculptures were looking a little tired, but these two were still holding their shape pretty well. We have a Woolly Mammoth and a Sunshine of some sort.

We had intermittent Internet service during the after-lunch session and after about an hour and half they decided to call the meeting off and reschedule for Thursday morning at 8:00. GCI internet service was down for the whole state of AK. Now I've got to redo about half of that module and it was pretty dry the first time through!

While walking back to my car I came across an area of ice and landed smack-dab on my butt, my folder of papers flying through the air. After recovering them and getting back on my feet, I dropped the folder about 5 minutes later and scattered the papers for a second time. It felt like it was NOT my day.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

These are great ice sculptures. Did you look around when you got up from falling and see if anyone was watching. :) I have done that too and its so embarrassing not to mention scary. Glad you werent hurt.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I must be feeling your pain this morning. My neck is killing me. I hope you don't have any residual aches from your fall. Those ice sculptures are great even though they are melting.

Aunt Krissy said...

Oh, Patty, I'm sorry. That must have hurt. I would rub your feet if I was there just to make you feel better. Sorry, not rubbing your butt even though that is was probably hurts!

Lynn said...

I hope your tushy is all better. Do be careful. Must be hard to walk on icy walkways.

Those sculptures are quite wonderful to see! Wow. Can't imagine working that kind of art outdoors in the freezing cold. Burrr!