Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Travis

Travis (and his lovely wife Becky)

Today is my son's 24th Birthday! Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy who is now all grown up and married and planning to move to Japan - how did you ever wander so far from home? I love you!!!!!


A Lady's Life said...

Oh Akelamalu I feel for you.
Gosh. He will be so far away.
but then you can visit him and see Mount Fuji?

Happy Birthday to him and may he have all of life's blessings surround him wherever he goes.A
Young couple, a future to look forward to, full of hope and promise. God bless the road ahead!

marianne said...

Oh no so far away....
I fly to Japan next week .
beautiful son you have
He seems to be happy so you did a great job raising him.

Lynn said...

What a handsome couple! Happy Birthday mom! Wondering what draws him to Japan? How exciting!
I wish them all the young!

crochet lady said...

Happy Birthday Travis!

I would miss my sons too if they moved so far. I don't want to think about that yet....although next year my oldest will be 18.