Thursday, January 6, 2011

She reminds me of a song

There's a country song with a line that goes "she's the devil in disguise." Well, that's my new pup. She is WILD! I had no idea until she growled continually at Roxy while Roxy was minding her own business and eating her own food. Then she attacked Roxy while they were both fetching a ball. There have been at least 3 dog fights today; all started by the new pup. She doesn't back down either, even though Roxy has about 20 lbs on her and is more mature. She just attacks!
We've decided on a name. Let me introduce "Tazmanian Devil" or "Taz" for short. It fits her. I have never seen a young dog act like such a maniac. My friend at work is sure she's got Border Collie in her because her dog is a nut and it's mostly Border Collie. The other possibility is some Karalian Bear Dog which is supposed to be a very aggressive breed. I'm still sure she'll settle down and she and Roxy will be like sisters. But not today. They do play nicely most of the time.
Thanks for all the help on the name. I almost went with Maggie, which I really like, but it just doesn't fit her. Maggie is a sweet dog. Taz is a devil in disguise.

I was just interrupted by another dog fight. Her name fits.


A Lady's Life said...

lol Well it looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you to train her.
But if she has border collie she is a smart dog and will learn. Also I wanted to get a border collie once and they told me these dogs need a lot of exercise and since I do not go out much this would not be a good dog for me.
Alaska is a great place for a Border collie. Lots to do lol
Good luck :)

marianne said...

hahaha Taz is great!
That's what I thought when I saw her a border collie! She has to be worn out to behave........:)Oh Oh what a little devil and she has such a sweet face!
I am sure she will settle and become a wonderful dog (she is already)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are going to have to make her realize that YOU are the alpha female. What a challenge you have on your hands. Taz is a great name for her.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

oh oh..I hope she settles down to be a sweety. Its funny but their name just kind of comes along by their personalities. Our Annie is a Border Collie and a sweety. She does need and demands exercise, but throwing a ball in the house ( she loves to jump to catch it) can appease her if its to miserable to go outside. They are worker dogs and thus need that outlet. She can be a bit alpha around other dogs sometimes. Not always. and she is very smart and learns quickly. Taz does sound to be a bit Alpha. Something you can break if you keep on top of it. A friend of mine was told to get a can and put some money or something that rattles in it to shake when her dogs got aggressive with each other over food or what ever and it has worked. Good name choice.

crochet lady said...

Well hello Taz.....a bit of the devil in disguise huh? Hopefully she'll mellow out and Roxy and her will be best buds.

Anonymous said...

what a cutie!! Taz is a good name. She will mellow out with exercise .. and age!!

Teri C said...

Sounds like the perfect name. Just let her know you are the alpha female. lol

tainterturtles said...

Sounds like you might have some challenges for the next month or so. I hope the two doggies will except each other and become the "best of friends." Until then, enjoy the new puppy energy!!!

Kellie said...

What a cutie, Pattie! Is she still a chewer? Our new pup is a pencil chewer! What a mess.

messyfish said...

Oh dear! Great name... You have your hands full though!

janice said...

Maybe she/he needs drugs. ????

A Lady's Life said...

We took a little pup before its eyes were open to help the mom with her pups.
She lived outside and belonged to our neighbor.
We called her Rosy. We brought her to her Mom every day for feeding and then took her back indoors where she was kept warm and could sleep soundly.
She grew so nice. Then my son went to bring her to her Mom and another pup could barely hold his head up and sat barking at him
I told my son look. This dog wants your attention.He is choosing you.I think we took the wrong dog.
So we gave Rosy to a young couple who absolutely adored her. She was a clean dog and already we knew she would be toilet trained so easily. Pups know to be clean if they are kept clean and we took Beau.and Beau is a barker.He was left outside with his Mom and raised with the elements.So psychologically he knows to bark at everything. BEautiful dog though.