Saturday, December 4, 2010

Long week

It's been a l-o-n-g week at work, but finally the weekend is here! Friday afternoon I put up our office Christmas tree; it's not decorated yet, but at least the tree is up. Maybe that will improve my mood!

I'm in a craft bazaar both Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully I'll sell some books and wildlife cards. I went to a Guy & Eva jewelry party last night. Saw some things I liked but kept my hands out of my purse, so I'd have more money for things I really want and/or need. My receptionist tells me that in Wales they say that someone's "arms are too short" or their "pockets are too long" when someone is being cheap and won't fork over the money. I guess I had both short arms and long pockets!

I better get a move on - need to load my car up with supplies and get to the bazaar!


Lynn said...

Good luck at selling your wares! As for the not buying perhaps you just are long on common sense!

tainterturtles said...

Have fun at the craft sale. Maybe that will put you in the holiday spirit!

janice said...

Where are you this week-end?

A Lady's Life said...

bazaars are nice.
I like to walk through them and see what people are up to. Many times I would think to take part in one myself but time flies and I am never ready.

Hope you have a great day.:)

PAK ART said...

Janice - I'm at the Noel Bazaar at the Senior Center. Today from 11:00 to 5:00. Come by and see me!