Friday, November 26, 2010

The day after

My grandniece, Jadyn. She's a real sweetie and a cute kid!

I have the luxury of being home today. My work group has the day after Thanksgiving off, my husbands did not, so he had to go in. Garbage never stops, not even for holidays! We live in a land of plenty and excess. He will have Christmas and New Years off, but those are the ONLY two days a year that the garbage doesn't move.

My brother-in-law Jim and my sister Kathy. Jim is married to Alicia below.

Me and my sister, Alicia. My husband who needs a nap.

My nieces, Kari and Jessica - They are both so much fun to be around!

Here is my family who came for dinner. We were missing two of my sisters, a nephew, my parents and my own two kids and their families. My family has become scattered all over the United States, but for a few years we ALL lived here in Anchorage. Those were good days for family functions. Somehow I missed getting a picture of JoJo - sorry Mom!


A Lady's Life said...

It is not nice when someone needs to work when everyone else is off.
Sure puts a damper on things.
lovely family :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a wonderful family. Lucky that at least these family members could come together. You are blessed.

Anonymous said...

That was nice to see my family. Jim and Kathy are getting gray!
Was your turkey dry?

Aunt Krissy

Kellie said...

A lovely bunch of folks! Glad you all were able to be together.

marianne said...

Your family seems like a such a happy one!
Good to see.
Call again for the dog !!! Stalk them until they give it to you!

Have a nice weekend!

Lynn said...

Happy that you could be with these family members, everyone looks genuinely happy.

janice said...

Great pic's! Krissy if you think Jim is grey you should see me. Although I prefer to call it silver or platinum!!!

Margaret Ann said...

Happy hearts! :)