Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Using a CPAP when you're sick

I'm sick. I've got the runny/stuffy nose, sinus pressure under my eyes, weepy eyes and a slight sore throat.

Not really sure what to expect I put on my mask last night in preparation to sleep. WAY too much air for a partially clogged nose so I opened my mouth and the air pushed in. I've gotten used to the high air flow so adjusted quickly and fell asleep. What I didn't plan for though is a drippy nose. I awoke to that feeling of nose dripping and quickly realizing my mouth and nose were confined in a plastic mask which I tried to remove in a hurry. I pulled the tube right off the front which blasted sweetie with my full flow of air. He woke with a start and asked if I was alright. But with no airflow I suddenly felt like I was suffocating. There are little holes for the carbon dioxide to escape but when you're used to gale force winds, it didn't seem sufficient. So I frantically got the rest of the mask removed. Then apologized to sweetie who I'm sure wasn't sleeping well with all my movements, snuffling and sudden bursts of air.

I got up, took more cold medicine, tiptoed back into the bedroom, wiped out the mask with paper towel, reconnected the hose and went back to sleep. This time with a folded piece of paper towel tucked in below my lower lip. You see, when you sleep with your mouth open, you have a tendancy to drool. The air tube continued to cause me angst. I like it when it goes up over my head and I sort of tuck it under my pillow. Last night it wouldn't stay there and felt like it was hanging down over the side of the bed, interfering with my arm movements. aaarrrrggghh.

I very restlessly slept through the remainder of the night, flipping my hose each time I turned over, lifting the mask to itch my nose, using the paper towel to mop dab at the drool and snot that kept puddling (in my imagination) at the base of my mask. It was not a good night. Today I called the provider who suggested I don't use it when I'm sick. duh. I wish I had thought of that!

I called in sick and stayed home today.


Aunt Krissy said...
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Aunt Krissy said...

I don't have that problem when I have a head cold, wonder why? Sorry that you are all germ-ie and droolie. (You sound yicky)

Becky from Alaska said...

:( I'm sorry you are sick! Hope you are feeling better now.

Mim said...

hey - listed a review on amazon in the kindle section - hope it helps, it was a delightful book.

aside from the cold experience, do you feel the cpap is helping?