Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer (or not)

Yesterday at work there was a small pizza party for one group that has gone a full year without a time-loss accident. It's quite an accomplishment for drivers who drive tractor/trailer rigs all year hauling garbage from our transfer station about 30 miles to the landfill.

At the pizza party they had soda with ice. The cubed ice was purchased in a bag. The half bag of leftover ice was set outside after the pizza lunch was finished. The next day (today) there was still a bag of ice sitting outside. It had NOT MELTED! That is the kind of summer we are having. Mid 50's during the day.

There is another pizza party tomorrow for the rest of that crew (those who were off on Wednesday). There is still ice, although a little less than there was this morning. BAH HUMBUG!

ps: we bought tickets for a vacation to Missouri in the fall. It will probably be warmer in November in Missouri than it is in July in Alaska. BAH HUMBUG again!

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Aunt Krissy said...

How's that song go, something like it's forty below in the summer. I can't even buy ice cream and not have it melt from the store to the house. I have to bring a cooler with me.