Monday, July 26, 2010


It has been a true Alaskan summer so far. I believe it has rained for the past three weeks with only a few afternoons of partial sunshine. We are in temperatures of mid to high 50's. I know most of my lower '48 blogger friends are feeling too much heat right now, but I'm hoping for a little of your sunshine. Just a little. Here's how I feel today:

An Ode to Rain

I HATE it.
All winter long I look forward to spring and warmth.
Spring in Alaska is muddy and wet.
Summer in Alaska is rainy and gray.
Fall in Alaska is wet and cold.
My scraggly gray hair is damp and lifeless.
My clothes feel wet and clammy from going to and from the car.
My dogs fur is wet and I don't want to pet them.
I don't want to be outside but I'm tired of being inside.
I HATE it.

How's that for a cheerful little prose? It's really not that bad; I'm just tired and old and gray. I'll get over it. Probably by tomorrow - I don't usually stay down for long.


Aunt Krissy said...

Hey, remember the first few weeks of spring? Where you road your bike to work? and the sun was out, warm, didn't you even have an high set for ANC? That's more then enough summer for AK. Don't want you to get used to it.

tainterturtles said...

Ohhhh, sorry Patty. I'm sending you sunshine through my thoughts!

The sun will come out, tomorrowwwwwwww.....

marianne said...

I would feel down with that kind of weather......
I hate (endless) rain. Drives me crazy.
So you just complain girl I understand. Hope there is some lovely sunny weather in store for you soon!

take care!

SandyAlaska said...

Oh Patty... I AGREE with you sooooo much... I'm very tired of the rain and the gray gray skies... my garden is kaput with everything dwarf-ing itself... greenhouse tomatoes and cukes are just pathetic... it's a loser summer. I don't think the weather pattern is going to change anytime soon either.... :o(

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Get out and ride your bike. Yes, through the rain. Laugh in its face. I can identify with your poem. I have felt that way before. Usually when I am tired and feel like I have been all pent up. I hope you are all better after a good nights rest.

Kellie said...

Yeesh.. That is too much rain. Come down for a visit and we'll have you sweating behind your knees in no time :)

Lynn said...

I hope you can get away to somewhere sunny for some true summer days. We have been blessed with some cool temps past two days and are happy in the 70's. Not too hot, not cold. Just right. I like rain, but that much would get me down too.

I smile each time I see your picture of your book Carina, as my book Carina smiles back at me from my desk right now. I am thinking of sending it off to my sister in law who is just learning to sail.

crochet lady said...

Well, I guess the rain does make things grow right? Hopefully that gray will pass away and green and color will shine through instead.

A Lady's Life said...

Oh how horrible!
I can't believe it's raining so much.
Must have a little sunshine.
Here in BC we are gloomy most of the time too so when summer comes its soo appreciated to have the sun out from behind clouds.
Sorta makes your day.:)