Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm getting sick!

Today was a good, fulfilling, relaxing yet I got a lot done day. I like those kinds of days.

I washed, AND folded 4 loads of clothes. (usually I don't fold them and they lay in a big pile for weeks!)
I went grocery shopping.
I watched a movie.
I created three ATC cards for my ABC ATC's group. I've been behind and still have three to go.
We had steak on the grill when sweetie got home. Yummy!
And I'm getting sick..I've got sore throat, runny nose and weepy eyes. But, no headache. Life is good!


marianne said...

Oh no not in the summer!!!!!!
Hope you get well sooon Take extra vit C that often does the job of holding it back.

Got your book this week!!!!!
So great and signed by the author ;)

Happy 4th of July!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

FIGHT that cold Patty. What a bummer. I am glad you are prepared for it. Try to have a great holiday anyway. Happy 4th.

janice said...

We need some sunshine to bake that bug out of your system!

I hope Krissy has a good time with the shy guy today...

Linda said...

Get well soon!

P.S. I usually let my laundry sit either in the basket or in the drier itself for weeks as well. Totally makes Hubby nuts! Poor guy...

soulbrush said...

oh no don't get sick, keep that darned evil headache away!!

A Lady's Life said...

Well they say to lay an onion where you sit and the cold will go away. Nows a good time to try it. :)

Lisa said...

I love days like that. Except for the sick part. I'm the same as you. I let the laundry pile up. I've been good the last week though. I've been putting it away as soon as I have it dry. Well except today. I have 2 loads on the couch. Not good.