Saturday, June 19, 2010


VBS stands for Vacation Bible School. It's something our church does almost every summer. It's a week long, 3 hours per day, school (bible) for kids usually ranging from pre-school up to 6th grade. This year we are doing it in the evening so we'll have more adults volunteer. I'm the set designer (there's a skit each day as part of the program) and the chief decorations coordinator. There are others who will help me, but I'm the one responsible for pulling it all off. It starts soon - only three weeks away I think. Yikes!

I was at church today for about 5 hours painting some of the set for the drama. There's a man in our church who built three frames on wheels that allow a shower curtain liner to be hung in them perfectly. You paint your scenery on the shower curtain using acrylic paints and it allows you to have several scenes that can be flipped over and since they are painted with acrylic they are flexible for storing. The curtains can be loosely rolled and folded and stored in boxes. The frames can also be unscrewed and stored flat. The goal is to get several scenes painted over the years so that someday I won't have to go in and paint sets. We'll just select from our stock of scenery. Someday...that is still probably a long way off.

Our theme this year is doing an archeological dig to find out from ancient history the truth about God. So the kids will be "visiting" a museum in Egypt near the pyramids. My set is the entrance to an Egyptian museum.
I painted two identical curtains. This one is draped over to dry so you can't see the top half. There are these two "fountain" pieces and then a larger one that will go in back that will be two curtains together side by side. All in all, 4 curtains total. Then I'm going to make some palm trees out of carpet tubing (wrapped with brown paper) and they'll have green posterboard fronds. I'm also planning an alligator and camel....maybe. I may run out of steam before then. Oh yeah, there's supposed to be 3 pyramids in the distance....we'll see. I'll take a picture of the final set when it's all complete.


Aunt Krissy said...

You are one clever girl. Good thing you listen to me.

Alicia said...

wow Patty....that water fountain did turn out really good!! And it does have a nice 3 D look.

The whole thing is gonna look spectacular....and i helped....(even if it was just picking up the shower curtains!)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks great. What fun. I know it is a lot of work but it will be enjoyed by all.

Kellie said...

How fun PAK! The shower curtain idea is great!

Katie said...

Hey mom, I bet you really miss me since I have always helped you before. Wish I was there! Love you!