Sunday, April 25, 2010


My family! Katie was the Matron of Honor in a wedding - she's been best friends with the bride since they were in first grade together. Can you see where my grandchildren get their beautiful dark brown eyes and dark hair?
Grandma was in seventh heaven getting to hold this little sweetie while she fell asleep in my lap.

Little Emily just loves the dogs. She was playing with Roxy last evening - following her around, crawling on the floor, laying in the dog bed with her, and sharing her food (yes, Roxy is a bit of a mooch!)
She's been told not to mess with MaryAnn because she's an old dog and kind of grouchy, but MaryAnn has been nothing but gentle with her and has been tolerating her very well. We've still been watching closely though to make sure she doesn't climb into MaryAnn's bed. She can lay next to her on the floor; that's the next best thing!


Lynn said...

That last photo is such a wonderful pose. So gentle. So careful and so loving.

I said Immediately upon seeing your SIL that oh those are that babies eyes!!!!

Enjoy, enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Krissy said...

Katie's hair has gotten so long. And the babies are very cute! And you sure can tell where the big brown eyes come from.

Becky from Alaska said...

Emily and Roxie look like good buddies :) And that picture off Emily mirroring Mary Ann is too cute! Glad you are getting to enjoy them!!

Margaret Ann said...

Gosh, what a beautiful, happy family! You are so blessed...Enjoy every precious second!