Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Sketching

Today I almost got caught sketching in church. This lady, Rita, was sitting next to her husband who looked back at me a couple times....maybe he could feel eyes looking at him and his wife? I lifted my book quickly and pasted my eyes on the preacher. Until he turned back to the front, then I started sketching again.

I'm a wee bit fascinated by ears....they are all so funky looking. And they are not all the same. Some have lobes that hang, others are attached to the face. Some have deep cavernous curves, others have less. It's all very interesting when you are peering at them in church. I've also found that I listen quite well while I'm drawing - in fact, drawing helps to keep me awake if I'm having one of those sleepy days.

On another note, I was interviewed by a fellow blogger for her site Down to the Core where she presents interviews with various authors. She interviewed me on November 19 - if you'd be interested in learning more see Heather Paye's site.

I have not been feeling very thankful this past week. Too cold, too dark, too much work, irritating co-workers, blah, blah, blah.

I'm done. I will focus on all the wonderful good things in my life from now on.


Aunt Krissy said...

Ears are funky for sure! I like the pic of Katie and the baby.

Kellie said...

Ears are very strange. I read somewhere that ears are like finger prints and no one ear is alike.

Men ears get soo hairy too as they age. And they are very wisker like too. Yucky..

Teri C said...

Oh No, caught!!!! Too funny. I got caught once at a play from a guy that sat 5 chairs away from me. AT breaktime he asked me what I was sketching, Funny.

Yes ears are very interesting and I love the whole sketch.

It feels so good to have another church sketcher!!

Congrats on your interview. I will look.

tainterturtles said...

Sometimes I notice ears too. I feel sorry for people that have Prince Charles ears!!!

I love your "sunday sketching" title.

Barbara said...

Have you found this site? You'd be most welcome if you want to join.- Barbara

studio lolo said...

Years ago (like 25) I used to live in a cotton blazer with a fine point sharpie in my pocket at all times. I used to love sketching the musicians on cocktail napkins in pubs (which I was known to frequent!)I usually left the napkins behind for them.
I don't draw people anymore though.
Just ravens, apparantly!

This is a good (sneaky) drawing :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Ears are facinating. Just like fingerprints each are unique.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

You are waaaaaaaaay to talented. I wish I had half your artistic skills. But somewhere in the Bible it talks about GOD giving each one a gift. I think I'm a great doggie mommy (smile)

I'm sorry about your feelings of not feeling too grateful, but the GREAT thing is that you're alive to feel them!

I totally agree, the next time we will eat at a real restaurant with cloth napkins (smile)

Love you and wishing you LOVE, PEACE and GRATITUDE!

Margaret Ann said...

Really nice interview Patty! It is a pleasure to "know " you through your artistic touch! :)

Cathy said...

After all it appears you have so many wonderful things to focus on in your life.

I find myself focusing on certain facial features from time to time, and ears are one of those things...

And about the watercolor painting. Since you are an artist, and I am not, I would be so timid to show you my humble attempts. However, I would love to be able to sit and learn from you. If only you did not live so many miles away!!!