Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Water holes (AKA The Trail)

Even though we've had a relatively dry summer, the last month has been pretty rainy. The trail to the cabin was wet, to say the least. We do three miles of trail to get to the cabin.
Because it was so dry earlier this summer, the trail was hard-packed so then when the rains came, the water didn't drain. The bottoms of each of these holes is slippery and the 4-wheeler wants to slip and slide around. This particular spot is called "the place Patty got stuck real good". Truth is I've been stuck in lots of places on this trail, but the time I got stuck trying to go up that little hill was one of the worst. Tim had to hook his 4-wheeler with winch to mine to pull me out.
In the daylight I have fun. At night it's a little scary for me. We did drive in at 11:30 pm so it was dark - I got stuck once, but sweetie came back and rescued me. I didn't get stuck at all when we came out.
My dog Panda always runs in between Tim and I. Roxy runs out front leading the way. Maryann brings up the rear. If I stop to take a picture, as I did several times on this run, Panda comes back to make sure I'm okay.
Tim went ahead to take pictures of me. See how my 4-wheeler is leaned over into a hole? That's a little bit scary but I know it won't tip (at least that's what I keep telling myself!). It just gets my feet wet if I'm not wearing boots.
I'm not really scared here. Just making a face for sweetie.

Can you imagine how muddy my dogs are when we finally get back to the truck? It's not a pretty sight.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It looks like baths for everyone...including the dogs. Ha. What fun. Those are some deep holes.

tainterturtles said...

Wow, that mud actually looks fun. When I saw the pictures, all I could think about was mountain biking. The mountain bike race we like to go watch in September has mud and water holes just like that. At least in a 4-wheeler you can't tip over.

Long time ago I was biking through a big mud hole like your pictures and I just tipped over. Yeah, I was completely muddy & wet....of course my family laughed at me!

Teri C said...

Holey moley, that is really roughing it!!! I can see the dogs love it though. And husbands. And you?

crochet lady said...

You are one brave chic. I wouldn't have the nerve to drive through that!

Sorry you couldn't view my pics. Your description of your "wonderful" computer was hilarious!

Kellie said...

That sure looked like fun.
I did a lot of riding like that when I was a kid in Cold Bay, except I rode a three wheeler. My three wheeler was my only mode of transportation and I loved it. I was fearless on it. Funny now that we have one here on the farm, I'm a big ol' chicken.