Monday, August 31, 2009

Camera Thief

My husband has been planning a moose hunting trip for awhile now. His vacation started yesterday and he will be gone for up to 3 weeks (coming to town here and there possibly). He'll be hunting moose, spruce hens and working on the cabin. He plans to try and get that sandpoint in so we have fresh water on our own property, and he's putting in some cabinets for me in the kitchen area.

Before he left we discussed the camera. He (we) decided that he would leave it here for me since I use it so much more than he does. Imagine my surprize when he called me on the way out of town and told me, "oh by the way, I took the camera with me. You can go ahead and buy a new one if you want."

So I will. But I don't have it yet.

Camera Thief!


janice said...

Feel free to borrow my digital!

Mim said...

do you have to help with the moose meat if he shoots one? wow - that's alot of meat!

Kellie said...

Are you going to get a different brand of camera or the same kind?

Will you be going up on the weekends? Or is it a Manly hunting trip only?

Enjoy your quiet house..

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Well, you gotta have apicture of that big bull moose he gets. tee hee... It is best being a two camera family anyway just in case one breaks.

Aunt Krissy said...

I hope he gets a moose. Sorry I wont be there to help wrap!

PAK ART said...

Yes, I do help with butchering. One year we had two moose; my son shot one also. I have never packed so much moose meat in my life!