Friday, June 26, 2009

More questions from Panda

I hate it when we are watching a TV program and then Panda raises her hand to ask a question. It not only interrupts our show, she blocks the TV and sometimes the questions are utter nonsense. But what can you expect from a dog?
Her first question was "Weren't you planning to clean your aquarium tomorrow?" To which I replied, "Shut up. You are a dog. What do you care?" She lowered her hand, turned over and snoozed some more.
Then she was back with more questions. "I saw your list for Saturday and it didn't have the aquarium cleaning or the Lea Sophia Jewelry party on it. Aren't you going to go?" To which I replied, "Thank you Panda for the reminder. Yes, I'm going to a jewelry party at my friend's house tomorrow. I'll probably clean the aquarium next Saturday. Don't worry, none of the little fish will die if they have to wait another week."

Panda was satisfied with my response and promptly went back to sleep. She must go to sleep dreaming up things for me to do!
(ps. Panda was a little embarrassed by her unladylike pose. Let's not mention it again!)

(pss. Does everybody have dogs that can talk or is it just me? I'm not the only one who can hear her. Whenever she raises her hand, Tim turns to me and says, "Your dog has a question." Sometimes when she raises both hands we think she's getting a little greedy and hogging all the airtime from the other dogs....although they never raise their hands so they never get to talk.)


Alicia said... crack me up! I should be used to that now though.

Aunt Krissy said...

Maybe you should dust before you show the world! Panda sounds kind of like a nag? maybe you should get rid of her? I know some people.

Kellie said...

Very smart doggy..

Love the horse cutout (I can't remember the name of it) Krissy gave me for my birthday. Thank you..

PAK ART said...

Kellie- I'm glad you like it. The names was "horse" - I know...original.

tainterturtles said...

I love the pics of panda girl. She looks like such a queen! What a goofy dog.

crochet lady said...

She's a clown. I think Ginger can talk too, well as least I think we can read each other's mind once in a while.

K. said...

Ha! What a nag of a dog. Teach her to do the aquarium. ;)

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

that is too funny. and no, you're not alone. Max is always asking me why can't he have a treat when I have a treat? His favorite question is why do you have a dog if you're not going to walk him? (LOL)

PS, I have recorders all over the house just in case he talks about me while I'm at work (Smile)

Love ya

Cathy said...

I know people who talk for all matter of animals, dogs, cats, horses, birds......Rose will do that from time to time.

Panda's relaxation tendencies could be catching at times I would think.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

My dog Luna never raises her paw. She just looks at me with her big golden eyes and moves her ears every which way to get her point across. With her ears she speaks sign language.