Saturday, June 20, 2009


I had the most wonderful time in Homer with my friend Cheryl. We stayed above the Sea Lion Gallery owned by Gary Lyons. He is an artist and his gallery features his own artwork plus that of other Alaskan artists.

Our small room was above his art gallery on the Homer Spit. The spit is a gravel bar that juts out 4.5 miles into Kachemak Bay. It shelters a small boat harbor and has a ferry dock at the end. There are numerous fishing charters that originate on the spit as well as several art galleries and restaurants of all sorts. There are several parking areas for RV's as well as camping spaces.

Here is a picture looking out from our room.

Towards the end of the spit and here, back towards land.

At low tide, I went out on the beach and took these pictures of where we stayed. We were in the third building from the left on the top right hand side. There are several of these clusters of buildings connected by boardwalks.

We had a nice deck and a pair of binoculars to view the wildlife and watch the boats. We saw some sea otters frolicking in the ocean, my friend saw a sea lion (but I was already in bed) and we saw lots of birds; seagulls, geese, ravens, and eagles.
This is looking back at the mainland from where I took the very first picture. Everywhere you look the views are awesome.


Aunt Krissy said...

Homer can be fun. Did you buy anything really soper duper neat? Why did you guys go down there? Just to goof off?

tainterturtles said...

Homer is beautiful. I loved your pictures. I almost felt like I was right there feeling the cool ocean breezes.

Hopefully I can visit alaska sound day.

Kellie said...

I forget how beautiful AK is until I see your pictures. Glad you had a good time. How was the wx?

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I knew the pictures would be incredible. Thank you for posting and sharing. My life is filled w/paperwork and crime and I so look forward to the lives you guys share w/me on line and it truly does feed my spirit!

Love ya.
PS Happy Father's Day to that great husband of yours

Cathy said...

There's a Dr. Seuss book called "Oh, the Places You Will Go", and I am reminded of this as you share the places you go. And I might add, take me with you through pictures and words. I keep dreaming that one day I might see your sights too.

Margaret Ann said...

Spectacular... I feel like a road trip! :)