Friday, June 12, 2009

HDTV or not

Well despite all the dire warnings about analog TV going away....we are living proof it wasn't the end of the world.

In February, the last time that the analog TV was going away, we decided that we were in no big rush to convert over to an HD TV. So what if our TV viewing went away? We'd just read more books, draw more pictures, talk to each other more, get more chores done, etc. Even though we've needed a new TV for awhile - our picture has been going out and the color is all off - we decided we were in no rush for a new one.

Then they pushed the date back to June 12. Today. This morning when I got up, 4 of our 6 channels were still broadcasting. This evening 2 more stations bit the dust and we are down to Channels 2 and 5. Not to worry. We are watching a Disney cartoon The Trail to El Dorado.

I think we watch entirely too much TV. I find myself sitting and watching something just because I was watching what was on before it. I'm not even interested, in fact, sometimes I'm falling asleep with the TV going. So what's the big deal? I can get my news from the internet or newspapers (slanted as it may be). I do like The Mentalist, Bones, House, Antiques Roadshow and America's Funniest Home Videos. But the rest of it I can do without. I think.

Wait! No Mentalist? I like that show! Hurry, buy me a TV quick! Maybe this weekend.


tainterturtles said...

If you stop and think about it, I bet you will want a TV. Go buy one this weekend!

Aunt Krissy said...

What about when your cranky at Tim and you really donat want to talk to him? or it's cold or rainy and you have no good books?

PAK ART said...

duh. I have an art room with lots of paints and drawing supplies. Plus, I'm never cranky at sweetie.

crochet lady said...

We don't watch a lot of current tv shows but we do get series of shows to watch on dvd. You could go that route for awhile.