Thursday, May 28, 2009

Someone else's kitchen

I tried to fix my husband some breakfast this morning using my sister's kitchen. Nothing is set up right. The silverware is in the wrong drawer. The salt & pepper is in the cupboard instead of on the counter near the stove. The paper towels are clear across the room....why even have papertowels if they are going to be where you can't reach them? And she owns two hotpads...count 'em....two.

So I fry up a little bacon, and then toast in the same pan (after I drained the bacon grease). I kept having trouble with it getting too hot, so I turned the burner down. The toast burnt. Then I crack a farm fresh egg planning to drop it in the hole I cut out of the toast, but I spill that on top of the stove. The "real" eggs crack and move different than my "sitting in a carton for 1 month fresh eggs" in Alaska. The eggs cooked too quickly too and the toast is now black. I'm thinking her burners have serious problems when it finally dawns on me that her whole system is OPPOSITE of mine at home.

We both have electric stoves, but on mine, it moves from low to high CLOCKWISE. Her's is the opposite so every time I was trying to turn the burner down, it actually got hotter. Her oven settings are the same. Low is on the left and moves counter clockwise to high on the right side. Do they make left-handed as opposed to right-handed stoves? I would think something like that would be standard on all stoves. But it's not. Crazy. So tomorrow I imagine I will be able to cook a decent breakfast that is not burnt to a crisp. I hope.

We had pretty good flying yesterday. The first flight out of Anchorage had room for one of us. We decided not to split and waited for the next flight which was nice because we got to sit together. In Seattle, we caught our flight to Minneapolis no problem, but both ended up with middle seats in the same row. Me on one side of the aisle and Tim on the other. Both our backs were killing us by then. Airline seats are not made for short people or tall people. I'm not sure what size person finds them comfortable. Certainly not us. It was such a relief to get off the plane in MSP and see Krissy.


crochet lady said...

I hate plane rides. My legs always ache so, from not being able to stretch them out.

I'm sorry about your breakfast muddle, but it was rather funny reading.

A Lady's Life said...

I am with Crochet Lady. I dislike the plane seats. They are made to fit a plane full of sardines.
I can't imagine why they expect people to pay so much money to suffer 6 hours in tiny seats,short belt buckles, and no proper air ventilation. But then we forget once we land lol:)

tainterturtles said...

It's hard cooking in someone elses kitchen.

So now wait a and Tim are the guest right? Why didnt' Krissy get up early and make YOU breakfeast?????? I'm confused here with this picture!

janice said...

My electric stove is just like Krissy's. I did not realize they ever went from low tom high.

Did you end up with a headache after your flight?

So how is your "vacation" otherwise???