Sunday, May 3, 2009

Helping a friend

I have a good friend named Marge. We've known each other since our sons were in cubscouts together. She became the den leader and at one point I was an assistant den leader. Over the years I have helped her with posters, banners, t-shirt designs, painting and once I even designed a float for the girlscouts to be in a parade.

Today she needed help with painting her bedroom. She's going with something a little different and kinda wild. Here's the piece of scrapbook paper that sparked her imagination.
She recently bought a Crick Cut machine. That thing is cool - she created all these designs and printed them on old calendar pages. We used the cuttings to layout the design and then used the stencils to paint them in. She painted and I handed her the supplies; paint, brushes, stencils and tape.

Did you notice the words "peace" and "joy"? Marge is painting peace above. Joy is found on the far right below.

The word "Serenity" is going to go here in the middle above the doorway. She needs to find a way to print it on the Crick Cut machine. She had a Christmas program that already contained the words Joy and Peace, but not Serenity.

It turned out great! It has inspired me to do something with our bathroom. I don't know when, but I've got ideas in my head and now I know I can use her Crick Cut to make my patterns. Here's the finished corner.


tainterturtles said...

Very nice pictures. It looked like a lot of work, but the outcome was really, really nice.

crochet lady said...

I really like that. Having the leafy scroll work all blue and then the splash of red and yellow in the flower makes it really stand out.

Very nice.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Please, please do my room next. I will buy all the materials!!!!!

I just love creative people, I so want you to move here and teach "how to classes" You would make a lot of $$$$ and save up for your editor and publisher when you finish your romance novel (smile)

Love your endless creative talents.
you really are special!

Love and hugs

Carolyn said...

Wow...that was an undertaking...but how beautiful it turned out!