Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get 'er Done!

Today was full of determination. Get 'er done!

Work. Several nagging things that had to be done at work. Got 'er done! Around 2:00 one of my co-workers gives me specs for two pieces of equipment he'd like me to get processed for purchasing today....but then says next week is ok. Since he was so nice, I got them done. Then my boss comes to me about 3:00 and let's me know he has THREE contracts he needs renewed before I leave. One expired in January and the other two in March. But now that I'm going away for one week, they had to be done NOW. Today! He drives me nuts sometimes, but he is a very good person and boss, so I forgive his procrastination. We got them done. I was trying to leave at 4:00 and would you believe I'm still making copies of his contract things at 4:03. I did get left by 4:10 so I didn't fire him.

Forwarded my phone and turned on my "out of office assistant". I love those things!

Eye Doctor appt at 4:30. I'm as last minute as my boss - that's why I understand him so well. Great appt, new contacts. Yay!

Home. Finish cleaning bathroom, wash sheets, do a few chores. Got 'er done! Now all I have to do is pack and that's super easy. We only take carry-ons. Just a couple shirts, socks, spare pair of pants and some undies. I've been around people who lose luggage. It's just not worth it. My sister has a washer and dryer so there's no need to have more than what fits in a carry-on.

House/dog sitter should be here soon. I'm so happy it's Amy - she knows us so well and knows our dogs. It's like having one of my own kids watch things. It makes it much easier to leave and know everything will be alright.

I may not post regularly for a week. I'll be on vacation! Whooo Hooooo! I really need it!


Aunt Krissy said...

Yippy skippy you willbe here soon!

Alicia said...

Have fun Patty hanging out with my womb mate!!

You and Krissy should post lots while you're there....you got Krissy computer. Post lots of pictures of all the action (not you and Krissy taking naps!)

tainterturtles said...

Wow, you were really busy yesterday. Hope you got a good night sleep.

crochet lady said...

It's always alot of work to get away.

Hope to see you while you're in WI.