Friday, May 15, 2009

Biking to work in the rain

We have had three glorius weeks of sunshine. Then the Bike To Work Day was today so of course, it rained. It was only sprinkling at my house but I could tell it had been raining harder since there was rain dripping off the roof. I had an inner struggle with myself. I did NOT want to bike ride in the rain. For one thing, my hair is UGLY when I don't curl and hairspray it. I thought about just piling on the hairspray but knew when it got wet it would just flatten out anyways. I would not have biked if I had not already told all my co-workers that it would be fun! Let's all bike together! Let's have some team spirit! You can do it! It's not so hard once you get going! If I can bike, so can you!

I was the team leader. I didn't have the luxury of caring about my hair. I had to bike. So I did. Rain and all. The closer I got to work, the harder the rain fell. My hair was wet and flat by the time I arrived. I spent the rest of the day feeling ugly because my hair was all flat. But I did have inner pride knowing that I had biked in the rain. Of our group of 12 only 4 of us braved the rain.

Sissies! But they had nice hair.

ps. The other three who biked were men who are either bald or have very short hair. It didn't even phaze them. Not fair!


tainterturtles said...

Oh, I totally feel your pain! On one of my bike days I know I will face the same thing...rain! It's bound to happen and I'll just have to deal with a "bad hair day."

Good for you Patty for riding to work in the are #1 in my book, hee, hee!

Aunt Krissy said...

Was your hair like out at the cabin and you have been wearing a hat for 3 days and not washed your hair for 3 days? Was it that bad?

PAK ART said...

It was worse. At the cabin only you and Tim see me. I had to go to city hall to pick up checks also and I saw three people I hadn't seen in awhile and stopped to chat, plus everyone at my work. Now they all know I'm hideious.

crochet lady said...

My hair is thin and straight and I am constanly trying to puff it up a little. I know about bad hair days. Sorry you had one, but you were brave and rode in the rain anyway. Good for you!

Vicki said...

In spite of the bad hair day created, you are so great to have ridden to work... and of course you're going to meet people and re-connect at the worst time. LOL