Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring and other stuff

I woke up this morning and heard birds chirping. Yesterday I saw a robin while visiting my mom. It's almost warm enough to go out without a jacket....almost. I turned the heat on in my car this morning but turned it off halfway to church because I was getting too warm. I've also seen numerous seagulls, ducks and geese.

I'm getting excited about riding my bike. We went up to the store the other day and bought a wire basket for it. I don't like riding with my purse hanging around my neck (with one arm through it, so it rests on my back). I look like an old lady when doing that. I'm not sure the basket looks any less "old lady" but at least it will keep me from choking on my purse strap. The basket is black, I'm thinking of adding some white plastic daisies and streamers. (just joking - I haven't gone off the deep end yet)

I bought new sheets for our bed. This time I got 450 threadcount and certified organic. I'm not sure the "organic" part does anything for me but I can attest to the fact that 450 threadcount is much, much better than 250 threadcount. They feel so smooth and there's no rustling each time I turn over. I'm sending those rough sheets to the cabin and will use them as spares.

My dog Panda has turned out to be very concerned about our dryer buzzer. Yesterday when I was doing laundry it buzzed when the load was done. I was cutting paper so I didn't attend to it immediately. Panda came into the art room and whined and whined at me. I told her it was ok and she left but came back a few seconds later and whined at me again. I went to the dryer, opened it and put the clothes on top. She was fine and layed back down. When the second load finished she did the same thing. She just kept coming to me and whining until I took care of the clothes.

I told Tim this morning and then I tested her while I was fixing breakfast. As soon as the dryer timer went off she jumped up off her bed, ran to the hall, sniffed the electric outlet and then came to me and whined. I told her to go lay down, but she continued to whine until I went to the dryer, opened the door and told her it was ok. She might have made a good service dog. Or she's just turned into a nag. That's all I need, my dog telling me what to do!


tainterturtles said...

I think that's great that you are planning on riding your bike to the store or wherever. The basket will come in handy for you. I have panier bags that hang down on each side of the bike. The bags attached to a back rack. I can also use the back rack for stuff too...but you need a bungee cord to hold everything on!

That is so funny about Panda. Wow, she would make a good service dog for someone with a handicap. I bet she would be a good "protector" dog too.

Aunt Krissy said...

wow, Pande being smart? Who would have thunk that could happen?

crochet lady said...

I would like to get a bike again, I sold mine a few years ago. But this time, I want a big old lady seat on it, not the little wedges that make you feel like your sitting on a fence post.

Panda sounds like she's an intuitive doggie.