Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting Away

I work in a lovely office with many people I like most of the time. However, there comes a time when you just want to get away from it all,even the ones you like. I am considered the office manager (although that is not in my job description anywhere). I have certain things that I must do PLUS anytime a copier, printer, fax machine or telephone has a problem, I get called. So I arrange to get them fixed or I go fix them myself. It's amazing to me how many people are afraid to open a copier and try to find the stuck piece of paper.

The last couple of days have been full of payroll union vs management issues, employees out on FMLA and on light duty, creating some new job descriptions, travel reimbursements, accounts payable overpayments, and "where is this file?" kind of questions. On top of that we are getting close to our Spring Clean Up event in which we offer the community three days to dump trash for free. That doesn't sound like a big deal as I type it but it involves getting a traffic permit, ordering and receiving special clean-up bags, changing recordings, answering 3,294 questions about what, when and where, arranging for all the mobile home parks and some neighborhoods to consolidate their dumping and numerous other little details.

None of it is hard. It's just busy and I feel like I've been talking non-stop for a week. So when I get the chance to escape for lunch I want to leave the building. Get away.

Here's what I did yesterday. I went to Arctic Roadrunner for lunch, had a yummy BLT, sketched a little and contemplated not returning to work. But then I realized I like my paycheck so I put my stuff away and went back.


A Lady's Life said...

Ata girl.
I would love to have a job with a regular paycheck.
Independence is a good
Gets you out of the house. Gets you busy pulling peoples papers out of printers and out of trouble lol
Gets you appreciation for a good days work you don;t get at home no matter how much you do.
Yup sometimes it easier to work all day than stay at home and do double trouble.
But then you have other rewards like enjoying your children grow up, taking them to places they need to go being at home when they are sick being free to attend meetings and art shows your convenience.
I don't know a little of everything is good.
If you are single by all means go to work and enjoy life to the fullest. :)

crochet lady said...

You have a lot of demands at work. Glad you had a little time to get away (like your sketch). Maybe you are due for a vacation soon.

Aunt Krissy said...

Yum ARR. I'm glad that you carved out a little time for me on the phone the other day.

Margaret Ann said...

Hilarious...I was thinking that YOU were the Arctic Roadrunner...running about here and there with that slew of busy work!!! LOL :)

Godd for you to take an adult "time out..." More of us should do that! :)

Cathy said...

You tell good stories. I find myself smiling, especially when I get to the end.