Monday, March 23, 2009

Westminster Alaska Dog Show

Presented by PAKART Alaska, judging mutt-type dogs from all over Alaska (or maybe just in my home). Honorable Judge is Patty, owner of said mutts.

Dogs will be judged on normal things people look for in a pet; conformation, cuteness, likability, good with kids, ability to learn, obey commands, protect the household, fetch sticks, etc.

Rules: Each dog will be judged on a 1-5 scale with 5 being the highest.

MaryAnn - 10 yr old spayed female American Bulldog

  • Conformation: 5 - she is one of the best looking American Bulldogs I've ever seen.
  • Cuteness: 4 - she's more handsome than cute.
  • Likeability: 4 - she likes Tim more than me so she loses 1 point. (yes, the judging is very subjective!)
  • Kid worthy: 0 - she's been known to growl and even snap at child who came too close to her bone. And when offered a treat she'll take your fingers with it.
  • Ability to Learn: 2 - sorry, she's just not that bright.
  • Obey's commands: 2 - again, sorry, she's kind of a lughead. She's been know to run into walls and doors when she gets too excited.
  • Household protection: 5 - she is LOUD and scary when she wants to be. All the pizza delivery people and even some friends are afraid of her, even though she's a sweetheart.
  • Fetching Sticks: 1 - forget it, she would rather chew them up.
Panda Bear - 5 yr old spayed female Border Collie/Aust Shepard Mix
(at least that's what the Puppy Rescue said, I think she is a Lab/Husky mix)

  • Conformation: 3 - she's got mutt written all over her. She has rolls of jelly under her two coats of fur. I've never seen a dog with such elastic skin. It's stretches all over.
  • Cuteness: 5 - yes, she's my sweetie and she looks at me with such adoring eyes (the judging is subjective!)
  • Likeability: 5 - again, who would not like Panda? Kris, your vote doesn't count.
  • Kid worthy: 5 - she is very gentle and kind and doesn't snatch food from children.
  • Ability to Learn: 4 - she's pretty smart but she's so timid it's hard to get her to understand what you want her to do. She just lays down and rolls over on her back.
  • Obeys Commands: 3 - as good as any of our dogs.
  • Household Protection: 3 - not as fierce as MaryAnn but puts on a good show with lots of hair standing up on her back. I think she would protect me, haven't put her to the test though.
  • Fetching Sticks: 5 - this is the only dog who consistently will fetch sticks AND bring them back....usually.
Roxy - 2 yr old spayed female Boston Terrier Mix

  • Conformation: 3 - she's a mutt, not too bad looking but has a snub nose and not much neck.
  • Cuteness: 5 - there's something really cute about a dog with no neck, especially when it's wiggling all over trying to get petted.
  • Likability: 5 - She's always eager to do everything. Even go into her kennel if that's what you want her to do. She's a happy, energetic, and cheerful dog....which can be a problem when she doesn't obey because she refuses to think she could be in trouble. Me? You talking to me?
  • Kid Worthy: 4 - she's 100% dependable with kids except she trys to sneak their food. It's not nice to steal Emily's cookies!
  • Ability to Learn: 4 - she's smart if you can get her to hold still long enough to listen to you.
  • Obeys Commands: 1 - again, she's smart but she don't listen worth beans.
  • Household Protection: 1 - she might lick a burglar to death but she wouldn't protect anything.
  • Fetching Sticks - 2 - she'll make a good show of running after them, but then she would just rather play with the other dogs.

...and the Winner is......


"So, what's my prize?"


Aunt Krissy said...

my picks are
MaryAnn, she is a sweetheart
Panda. she's OK.
Roxy. She kind of bugs me

Oh and all of them lick lick lick lick. They will wear a hole in your skin with licking!

Ane none come close to Abby.

K. said...

I like that Panda Bear is smiling in her winning photo. :)

PAK ART said...

It's just too bad that Abby was not in this prestigous show...she didn't have the right qualifications (living in my house!)

Cathy said...

Dogs are rather like people. You "gotta" love them, but liking them is not always the case. But then I also believe every person and possibly every dog has something worth liking.

crochet lady said...

Panda Bear is cute, love that winning grin! All the dogs looked like they posed for their photos.

I hope Roxy and MaryAnn didn't feel bad. Did they get consolation prizes?

tainterturtles said...

I kinda have a soft spot for Maryann. Kris told me she's a real snuggle-bug. Roxy and Panda Bear look like nice doggies too. So they lick a lot???? I once had a BIG cat that lick all the time, it actually hurt!