Friday, March 13, 2009

Snowed in

We are back in town for just one night and then heading back to the cabin again. We took Jadyn and JoJo up overnight - we all had lots of fun. Now we are taking up our in-laws (?) - that's not really the right word, they are our daughter-in-laws there an official word for that relationship or do you just call them friends?

The porch, which you can't see because it's under snow, is 3 1/2 feet above the ground. There is still lots of snow in the Petersville area! It was perfect for playing outdoors on the snowmachines and for the kids to sled on our little hill. The temperature was right around 30 degrees.

Here's the lovely outhouse. I was impressed with both kids. Neither was afraid of going to the outhouse even though they had to put their bare bottoms down on a very cold seat. Jadyn asked us a couple times where we put our TV? Of course, we don't have electricity, running water or a flush toilet. And here's a summer picture for comparison - we still have lots of snow! PS - for those of you who know Kris, this is her old cabin and her old outhouse. But now it's mine.

Thank you Krissy - we like having more room, especially when we have two noisy active children with us.


K. said...


I've gone winter camping. The worst part is always the, erm, facilities. Cold seats, indeed!

Glad the kids handled that part well. :) 30 degrees is downright balmy!

K. said...

(not that winter camping compares to what looks like a very cute cabin!)

Aunt Krissy said...

You need to stop. It makes me homesick. I miss my cabin. Did the stove work good for you?

crochet lady said...

Spring is just too far away yet huh? I don't think I could do the outhouse thing in all that snow.

tainterturtles said...

We've cold-weather camped before so I know what it's like to bear your bottom on a ice cold potty seat! Not my idea of fun any longer, but I bet the cabin was all warm and cozy.

Really like your pictures.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

If anyone gets along with any n-laws, I say they're family. Hope the hot chocolate had lots of marshmellows. I haven't been camping since the late 80s. Have fun for me, I'll be at work in the morning going over crime. Love to trade places with you anytime. I'll even pay for your airfare (lol)

Love, peace and blessings!

Rebecca said...

Have fun with my family!! I am so jealous of you getting to go to the cabin, AND with my parents:) Hope you get to sketch and read and relax alot!