Monday, March 16, 2009

Sledding, Snowmachining and Shoveling

The kids had a great time sledding on our little hill. They went up and down many, many times. Jadyn often rode the little sled but JoJo enjoyed rolling down. I think they were worn out by bedtime. Yay! That was our ultimate goal.

Then Tim took them out riding and encouraged them to drive the machine. They both did it - this is Tim showing "no hands" to let you see the kids operating the machine....of course, they were only going 5-10 mph.

Then, for some odd reason (perhaps they are too young to understand that shoveling is work, not fun), the kids decided they would like to shovel. That's always welcome on the porch, but they took it to another level. They decided to shovel the lake. Which is covered in snow. I got a kick out of watching them shovel it from one side to the other. They gave up after only a few minutes.
Maryann likes the shovel too. Although she would like to kill it. It's hard to shovel with an 80 lb dog hanging onto the end with her teeth. I put her inside until Tim was finished.


tainterturtles said...

Wow, you still have lots and lots of snow. I'm sure the kids had fun playing in the deep snow. Hopefully spring will be near for you next month?

So Maryanne likes to attack the snow? She's funny.

Aunt Krissy said...

That dog is dumber then a box of rocks. But she is sweet!

Alicia said...

I'm glad you took the kids out to have that new experience of going to the cabin. Lots of work but the memories are worth all the hassle part!

Jadyn told me she had lots of fun and it wasn't scary at all to use the outhouse!

crochet lady said...

Still so much snow? Yikes. Maybe it will melt fast when spring actually blows it's breath in your neck of the woods.

p.s. I left a comment on my 'week of green' post for you about our possible swap.

crochet lady said...

Got your message on my blog. That sounds like a great exchange! I would like a mix of animals. I have 20.00 on the set. would you be willing to give me two notecards sets then for the hat and scarf? I can get your address from Kris if that sounds ok with you. Just let me know.

Rebecca said...

Those pictures were so good!! I love the one of Jadyn in the inner tube upside down:)