Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Less than perfect housewife

I am a less than perfect housewife. I confess. Nobody in my family will be surprised to hear this, but some of the rest of you might.
  • I hate folding clothes so I often have to put a favorite shirt back in the dryer, sprinkle some water on it and then redry it so it doesn't have wrinkles.
  • I occassionally run out of toilet paper. Gasp! I asked my sister Alicia once what she uses when she runs out of toilet paper and she gave me a funny look. "I never run out of t.p." is what she said. Surely she lies! But I don't think so, I know her standards are a LOT higher than mine for general housekeeping. I tear paper towels in half and search through my husbands various outdoor packs for partial rolls when I run out.
  • I sometimes run out of paper towels. Again, not so bad, but lets hope I don't run out of both at the same time!
  • I can't see the top of my refrigerator or my oven top so I don't clean them. (My husband, who is taller than I, can see it though and sometimes reminds me that I should clean it.) And lest you harp on him, he vaccuums more than I do so don't be picking on him!
  • My husband vaccuums more than I do. I hate vaccuuming too.
  • I will use baking soda if I run out of toothepaste. (Alicia never runs out of that either)
  • I have used dish soap for shampoo. I've used laundry soap for dishes. I haven't used dish soap for laundry because I'm a little afraid of what might happen.
  • I will wear mismatched socks if I can't find a pair that are the same. Even worse, I've been known to wear my husbands if I can't find any of my own although the heels are halfway up my calf!
  • I'll use my husbands deodorant if I run out of my own. (I keep buying him the wrong kind so he has a 3-year supply) I hate going to work smelling like Old Spice though.
  • I've been known to wrap a sandwich for lunch in tinfoil or old plastic veggie bags when I run out of sandwich bags. I know that's not terrible, but it shows a certain lack of planning ahead.

Perhaps my biggest problem is a lack of planning ahead. I tend to be last minute, procrastinate, fly by the seat of my pants, let whatever happens happen....I often choose the fun things to do, instead of the real things I need to do.

Is that just the "creative" side of me or am I looking for excuses?

Fortunately for me, sweetie still seems to like me even though I'm wearing mismatched socks and smell like a man.


Aunt Krissy said...

I knew a lot this. But I did not know that you used Tim's under arm stuff.

Dont tell Dad, but sometimes I have used his when they are gone and I have ran out of mine. Mom always takes her with or I would use hers.

tainterturtles said...

I think your post should have been labeled, "I'm normal."

All I can say is that God didn't make any of us to be perfect, so take a deep breath. I just realized I ran out of cream for my coffee tomorrow...gasp!!!!!!!
What shall I do? Poor planning.

Thanks for being an honest woman/housewife.

Carolina Elizabeth said...

I love this post. I feel like I am not alone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

crochet lady said...

I have done some of the same things! I have tried dish soap for laundry det. I don't recomend it, lets just say I had a suds overflow.

I am by far a less than perfect housewife, I am sure my grandmother would be appalled - she was the kind of woman that ironed her sheets.

Vicki said...

Well, my motto is a place for everything and everything out of place... not a motto I prefer but one I seem to be living by. I've said for many many years that a) I'd give anything for a clean house except my time and b) I want a wife to take care of me!

Fortunately I've got a hubby who is not only understanding but does more of the housework than I do and has since we got married. Am I spoiled or what!!! and I do love it and acknowledge how special he is.

I agree with tainterturtles... this comes in the normal category. I used to have a sign that said a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind. Apparently I'm not sick.

Glad to see you up and about... hope this means you are feeling well.

PAK ART said...

Thank you all for making me feel better about my inadequacies. Sitting around being sick for 4 days has left me time to look around and see all the housework I don't do. And what I should do.

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

I'm with Alicia, I've never run out of tp, paper towels, toothpaste or deodorant. Does that make me a planner or a hoarder???

I can mail you a gift basket if you'd like (lol)

You're husband is a sweetie. Keep him!