Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have always had better long-term memory than short-term.

I can remember the names of each one of my elementary school teachers and I can remember specific events in each of those classes.
I can remember the names of several children from each class too - maybe not last names, but at least first names.
I can remember the names of other boats and places we visited while living on the boat.
I can remember the names of dogs that lived on my street when I was a kid.

Why can't I remember the names of the new couple sitting behind me at church one hour later at the end of church service?

Why do I keep wanting to call my new employee Virginia? It's not her name! She doesn't even look like any Virginia's I've ever even known. She's NOT Virginia, yet that is the name that keeps coming to my mouth each time I speak with her.

There are wires crossed upstairs in my brain - that's the only answer I can think of.


Aunt Krissy said...

Cause your getting old!
You do have good memory! I cant remember that teacher that was mean to me in 3rd grade now can I remember a lot of the pilots that I worked with for years.

crochet lady said...

Memory is a funny thing. I can remember a whole list of books that we purchased at the libray or ones we need to purchase to finish a certain collection, but I forget stuff on my grocery list and forget how to spell words I know, or sometimes forget peoples names that I've known for years. It sure is weird

tainterturtles said...

Ever since I hit age 40 (years ago mind you) my short turn memory is bad. I have a hard time with people's names!