Thursday, January 29, 2009

Two Things

One. I had a most annoying conversation with the Customer Service Manager at the Dodge Dealership that charged me $200 for the estimate for my transmission problems. I had sent a letter explaining my position and requested a refund of $100, half of what they charged me. He called today to discuss my concerns. After a lengthy conversation of how I felt cheated and how they need to charge for their time, I told him he had lost a customer, upon which he replied, "Is there any way we can regain your trust and earn back your business?" And I replied, "not unless you refund some money which you've already stated you won't. So no." And with that I said goodbye and hung up.

Two. Things at work are going remarkably well. I have a new employee who seems to be catching on rather quickly. She is already starting to take some of the load off me which is a wonderful thing. I can see that this will work out after all.

Three. (ok I lied, I had more than 2 things.) Emily turned two a couple days ago! Happy Birthday Emily. She can say "you okay?" and "let go!"


tainterturtles said...

Emily looks like a miniture grown up girl! She is so adorable. Happy Birthday Emily Sweetie.

Well, at least that car shop owner knows how you feel. Maybe they'll think twice about how they treat their customers from now on.

Aunt Krissy said...

I'm glad that the new person is working out.
Emily sure is cute! What big brown eyes she has!
Way to stand up for your rights.

crochet lady said...

What a cutie pie. I wish I had a cute pink coat like that.

Glad you have gotten some releif at work.

Maybe your response to the 'big chargers' will cause some changes in their company.