Sunday, January 18, 2009


As soon as we got home from our fun day, JoJo started leaping from couch to ottoman to loveseat to couch. He kept it up until Tim got home. Then it escalated. The dogs thought he was so much fun! It got them barking and between the barking and the shrieking and the jumping, and Tim tickling him and wrestling, plus the TV going full blast so that we can still here it above the noise, it was MUCH TOO NOISY in my house.

One of JoJo (and Tim's) favorite games is walking on the ceiling, although JoJo is getting a bit too big for it - it tires Tim out to hold him up there for very long. But JoJo likes to pretend he is spiderman and we all know spiderman can walk on walls and the ceiling, so Tim had to go along.
Two Funny Quotes of the Day: This morning JoJo was telling us about some shows coming up on Nickelodeon, he stated "you know it's the shows while you're waiting for the commercials". I don't think I've EVER been "waiting for the commercials", but that's how JoJo sees it.
The other was when we were getting ready for church. Tim went out to start his truck. He came back in and I said "why are you starting your truck, aren't we going to ride to church together?" He looks surprised for a minute (we've both gotten used to only having one vehicle this past two weeks) then he says, "We're taking two cars because we have two cars." I just started laughing. He went out and shut his truck off and we rode together in my car.


tainterturtles said...

Nice picture of spiderman (JoJo). Wow, how can Tim hold him up so long? I bet your house was active over the last two days.

Are you sending some of that warm weather our way??????

Aunt Krissy said...

I bet Kathy was glad that you wore JoJo out! Did you get a headache from the noise?

PAK ART said...

Yes, I had a migraine yesterday. It was a combination noise and not sleeping well. He slept in bed with us and he kicks, punches and snores. It was a very restless night.

crochet lady said...

Tim sounds like a good sport to help Spiderman cling to the ceiling. I remember as a kid I used to wait for the commercials too.

Love your 'Red Door' picture. I have a red door in my house.