Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fat Birds

Another blogger I know recently posted a picture of an amaryllis flower. She likes them because they bring such color to winter. It reminded me of why I used to have small birds in the house. Alaska winters can be dark and long. I crave the sound of birds chirping that you hear in the spring and then all summer long. In past years I've had finches, parakeets and a cockatiel. I don't have any pet birds right now, but enjoy a small collection of birds on my fireplace mantel. For some reason I like the look of round birds so I call this my "fat bird" collection.
After thinking about my past birds I was tempted to run up to the pet store and get some finches. Usually Tim steps in to remind me why I don't need more pets, but he is up at the cabin with the kids so I have to depend on my own inner common sense. I then forced myself to remember how much I hate cleaning bird cages and controlled myself, narrowly averting a bird buying frenzy.


Aunt Krissy said...

Good Thing! You really really don't want birds! By spring you will be trying to pawn them off on somebody else!

crochet lady said...

I congradulate you on your restraint. Maybe you could buy a bird song CD? I love your fat birds, especially the owl, he's so cute!

PAK Art said...

The owl came from Japan from my daughter-in-law. I love it too.