Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Day of Rest

Today was a day of rest. I went to church this morning and then afterwords I stopped off at my friend's house to feed her kitty. She is on a three week vacation and I'm taking care of her cat on Wed and Sundays. She has another friend who is checking in on different days. I don't think the cat is getting fed every day, but at least every other. It's a very shy cat so sometimes I don't even see it, other times she's lying in her cat tree bed and I pet her for a long time.

Tim and I went out for a little Christmas shopping - we got presents for the boys, Travis and Adrian. I still need to find something special for the girls, Katie and Becky. I've already gotten a couple of gifts for Emily and will probably get more. It's fun to shop for a little girl. I have to keep in mind that everything they get has to be shipped back to either Missouri or Virginia so everything needs to be either flat or small.

After a couple hours shopping we returned home for a big salad and then put a movie in. After the movie was over, I decided to clean up all my watercolor supplies and do a load of laundry. Which I've done. I also completed my Christmas cards yesterday so those are ready to go out.

But what I didn't do? I FORGOT TO GO TO MY CHOIR PRACTISE! I was just sitting down to the computer when it hit me! I've had such a wonderful, relaxing day that I plum forgot it. I'll have to make a few apologetic calls tomorrow. Whooops.


Aunt Krissy said...

ohhh you're a bad girl! Sounds like you had a busy day. I have my cards, just need to get them done. I will do that tmr. I think.

Hey Mom! where are you?

tainterturtles said...

I forgot to do a couple things this weekend that deal with Christmas preparation..geez. I just can't get it together.

Anonymous said...

I'm right here. I always read your blogs....Are e-mail Christmas cards acceptable ?
Love from Mom

PAK Art said...

email christmas cards are fine, except that I can't hang them on my door like real cards. I just like letters to fav 5.