Friday, December 19, 2008


It has been a very busy week, at work and at home. We had a Christmas Party at lunch today (fun!) and it was also the last day for my Accounts Payable Clerk (sad!).

My day started with our phone forwarding system at work not operating correctly. I called in a help ticket on that.

Then I was reminded that the copier in other office was not working properly. Called a repair person for that.

Then our copier went down. This all happened before 8:15 am. Called a repair person for that.

Then the computers went down for awhile so couldn't work on some things I needed to get done.

Then I had a few work-related conversations with a few employees that left me feeling like exploding and saying DUH!!!!! But of course I'm too polite and kind for that. (maybe I do internalize a lot of stress, hence all the migraines.) Maybe.

Then I had to go to our main office for difficult conversation with our employment office about a situation which I can't speak of. That's where the AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH comes in.

Then we had lunch. Nice lunch. Fun to relax and try to let go of all the other junk crowding my brain and demanding attention.

Then I had a miracle call from someone that resolved my AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH problem. WHEW. Problem solved, heavy weight off my shoulders.

Then I spent the rest of the day going over all the the stuff that needs to be done in A/P since I won't have someone in that position until I can get someone hired.


Yesterday after fixing dinner, I worked on this art project as a going away gift for my A/P clerk. It was presented to her at lunch. I gathered signatures on the frame from all of her co-workers. Ravens are very common at our workplace and sort of symbolize garbage to us. I'm sure that whenever she sees a raven, she will remember working with us.


crochet lady said...

Sounds like you need a relaxing bubble bath. It' nice to send someone off with a personal momento. All the signatures on the mat was a good idea!

Alicia said...

so did you draw both the raven and the truck? Really nice the contrasting of the two.

Aunt Krissy said...

I got the pkg today! Can I open it now?!

PAK Art said...

Yep Alicia and the logo in corner. Then I used watercolor also. I'm starting to mix watercolor with pen & ink. I thought it turned out pretty good, except I'm not happy with my ravens body and head. I like the wings though. Something just looks off to me. Of course I didn't tell everyone at work that.