Sunday, November 9, 2008


I'm in Wisconsin. I feel like I should paint the scenery, or burst out into a long sonnet about the beauty of the landscape.

Rolling hills, plowed fields, cornstalks left standing, rows and rows of neatly planted pine, little red chicken coops, old dilapitated barns, beautiful new barn-red barns, yellow and bronze leafed trees, cows (I love fields of cows), horses, ponies, elk (yes, I saw three! - on a game farm), neat little brick and stone houses, porches the length of the house, Christmas decorations already up in the town square, it's all so beautiful.

Alaska has a different beauty. Grand mountains, clear blue sparkling lakes, forests of birch, wilderness as far as the eye can see. But there's something beautiful about neatly fenced land too. I love both. It's hard to choose. Good thing I don't have to.

Someday, I too will live in the Lower 48 in the midst of farmland. Until then, I will have to be content with visiting.

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tainterturtles said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying the Wisconsin landscape. I hope Kris is giving you the grand tour! Did you go to church service and then the famous potluck that Kris is always telling us about in her post? Hey, hey, hey....I get to meet you tomorrow.