Monday, November 17, 2008

Roxy the Pest

Do you remember the book, Ramona the Pest? It was a great children's book about Ramona Quimby written by Beverly Cleary. Roxy is somewhat like Ramona...a pest. She is a complex creature with extemely high spirits, annoying tendacies to bark at the neighbors and the neighbors dog, the inability to realize she is in trouble (she just keeps wagging that tail of hers!) and selective hearing.

I just put her out and she barked at the neighbor's dog. So I made her come back in. Then she needed to go out again (she was lying) and I figured the neighbor's dog was probably in so I let her out again. The neighbor was still out. She barked at him but soon quit when he started petting her over the fence. Then he went inside and she turned her energy to the neighbor's behind us who have two dogs that bark and run along the back fence. That is too much for Roxy to take, so of course she barks back. I called her back in.

I sat down again at the computer and noticed she keeps prancing around near me. I glance at her and see BLOOD all over the floor. She is bleeding from one foot but I can't tell why because she won't slow down! I finally wrestled her to the floor, getting blood on my brand new pair of jeans, and discovered that she is completely missing one of her toenails. I quickly put her in her kennel to force her to lay still. I'm hoping that if she will just lick it, it will quit bleeding. No, I don't have any styptic powder in the house. I thought about putting flour in the toenail hole, but I've done that before and you just get a clumpy bloody floury mess. Besides, she will lick the flour out.
As soon as she was in the kennel I grabbed my Zout (shout it out!) laundry spray and sprayed all the blood spots. Here's a picture part way through my clean up efforts. Panda kept nosing in to see what was going on and to sniff the blood spots. I had to keep telling her to "get back". The Zout seems to have worked. Most all of the blood came up and it's really no big deal because this carpet is approximately 100 years old (ok, I exaggerated - it's only 18 years old.) I plan to replace it next year (or the year after) with hardwood floors. Or laminate. I also sprayed my jeans and threw them in the wash.
Doesn't that just make you want to rush out and get a dog, or two or three? Thus ends another saga of Roxy, the Pest.


tainterturtles said...

So how did Roxy loose a toenail? Poor thing.

Aunt Krissy said...

And you talk about my dog not being the sharpest tool in the shed! Yep, I want a dog just like Roxy!