Friday, November 7, 2008

Mirror Image

This is a picture that I love of my dog Panda and her friend Beau (Bo - I don't know how it's spelled). The picture was taken at the cabin in the summer of 2007. Beau is my daughter-in-law Becky's dog. Whenever we go to the cabin with friends and family, we encourage them to bring however many dogs they have. The dogs have so much fun out there, running in with the 4-wheelers on the trail which is almost 3 miles long, swimming in the lake, going for rowboat rides, chasing squirrels, sniffing through the woods and since we don't have any close neighbors (yet) they can run free. It is the ideal dog playground.

On this particular trip we had our three; Panda, Maryann, and Roxy, Becky's dog Beau and my sister Kris' dog Abbie. It was a five dog fun fest. I love dogs.
As you are reading this post I'm flying in a plane somewhere nearing Minneapolis - I'm on my way to visit my sister Krissy in Wisconsin. Whoo Hooo!


Anonymous said...

sure, just the back of my dogs head!

Rebecca said...

Oh, I love those pics of the dogs! :) They look like good friends. And his name is Boe, in case you wanted to know, not that he could care! Have fun with Krissy!!

tainterturtles said...

Patty are you here yet? It snowed today...I think the snowflakes followed you to Wisconsin!!!!