Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is a normal sleeping dog. Except she opened her eyes because of the camera flash. Curled up in a ball, comfy and cozy.

This is another normal sleeping dog. When I start clicking the camera it makes them nervous, so again, eyes wide open. "I'm watching you woman!"
This is a goofy and weird sleeping dog. My dog. Panda. She often lays in odd positions, all draped out and sliding off of things. I'm almost embarrassed for her. Almost.
Note the interesting dog beds we have on the floor. Since my husband works at the city garbage utility he has access to things such as old couch cushions. Sometimes he can snag them before they get all yucky. He brings them home, I wash the covers and he carves out a oval shaped bowl from the cushion with a knife. Once the covers are clean we put them back on. They make great FREE dog beds. Since my colors are green in the living room, I have him on the lookout for green cushions only.


tainterturtles said...

Panda cracks me up! I can't believe the position she sleeps in. Panda's a big doggy too. Smart idea with the "free" cushions.

Aunt Krissy said...

Or you could just let them on the couch and bed!

Jenny said...

When I get a camera I'll share a photo of Denali. She came with a bed and a bag of dog food....What are you doing, furnishing in "early american dumpster" now adays??? John would be proud!!!! Love the photo of Maryann You know they get up on the couch and bed anyway.....lololol