Friday, October 10, 2008

MaryAnn and her ball

Our dog MaryAnn is a bit neurotic when it comes to balls. She will chase them, chew them, demolish them and even scoot them around if too heavy to lift. Like this bowling ball. Tim got it for her from the place he works (he's a driver for the city garbage disposal utility). People throw away good stuff all the time and although he is not allowed to scavange, ocassionally an item like this discarded bowling ball finds its way home in his truck.

Our previous next door neighbors had a young girl who often played with beach balls in her backyard. Sometimes the balls found their way into our yard and POOF! The ball would be demolished if MaryAnn was out back. She often came to our front door, "can you help me get my ball from your backyard?" Of course, I would always do so. She had been warned numerous times that if it happened while the dogs were out, she could kiss her ball goodbye. Once I felt bad because it was a particularly nice ball that MaryAnn killed so I went out and bought her another.
PS - the dogs were barking this morning at 5:00am and woke me up so I yelled at them to settle down. Tim found fresh moose tracks going across our front lawn when he got up later. I guess the dogs did have good reason to bark. I should have woke up and took a picture, but I didn't....I was too tired. I'm still recuperating from being sick. Today I went to work, but became so tired, feverish, and snotty that I came home after half a day and went back to bed for a nap.


Aunt Krissy said...

Poor Patty! I hope you feel better soon! MaryAnn and her balls and dont forget her rocks!

tainterturtles said...

I think MaryAnn should meet Elmo. Elmo has a fascination with balls as well. He also like 2 liter pop bottles. Elmo is just a mutt.

PAK Art said...

Maryann kills plastic bottles also. She shreds them into tiny hard plastic shards that stick to blankets, socks and carpet. We try not to leave any plastic bottles about. She loves rocks too as Kris said. She will carry them around, slobber on them and scoot them around between her legs. Looks kind of funny.

Kellie said...

Wow! Look at that snow! You sure have funny dogs. Ours are a bit weird too. I call mine my "Farm Alarm". As they bark a lot when people come or leave our house. It is annoying occasionally, but I'd rather they bark at people, than me be surprised when someone shows up at my door.