Saturday, October 11, 2008

List Update (and moose)

So here's what I accomplished today:

Fixed Tim's Yahoo home page. Simple. I just deleted his shortcut and created a new one and it's all perfect. Pat self on back - who needs those young computer geeks to fix things? Not me! (Not really Travis, I still need you very, very much. Don't ever leave me!)

Eat Lunch out - easy. No problem. Except I went to Applebees because I was craving the French Onion soup.

Give Blood - Nope. Still too sick. Oh well, maybe next Saturday.

Haircut - Yes! I'm as cute as I'll ever be, which Tim seems to think is just the right amount.

Wash Car - yes! although I payed with a $20 and it only gives change in quarters so I'm lugging around $13 dollars in quarters which is 52 quarters.

Mail Package - got this done even though it wasn't on the list. I just forgot. See? Need sticky notes!

Present - I got this done, but not before I spent about an hour or more looking at all the cool toys at this neat toy store. This little store also wraps your present for you FOR FREE! Sweet!

Birthday Party - of course, how could I miss it?

Laundry - well let's call that a partial job. I got a bunch of it done. I'll do more tomorrow. I'm somewhat hampered in that we can't leave the washer or dryer going while absent from home. Fire danger and all. We're all about safety first.

Clean Art Room - not a chance.

Sell Truck - no, not even a phone call. Bummer. I may have to create ads to put up at work and on some bulletin boards.

Work on Art Projects - I thought about it. Does that count?

Oh, by the way, this young moose was on my way to post office. He was listening to something, probably his mama. When I came back by about 10 minutes later, he was gone.


tainterturtles said...

So that's a young moose? It looks like a mama or papa. He's big! For us it's not moose that we see a lot of, it's white tail deer....they are everywhere. Good to see you are working on your list.

Kellie said...

Impressive! Definately worth a pat on the back and a gold star!