Saturday, September 20, 2008

Speaking of Wet Dogs

This is Panda - she's our swimmer. She likes nothing better than to fetch sticks that you throw out into the lake. Roxy and MaryAnn stand on the dock and get all excited and even try to steal her sticks when she gets back to shore. But she's smart, she'll swim off to the side or even in circles to avoid them.
MaryAnn will swim too, but she doesn't enjoy it like Panda. Roxy won't even try.

Last summer we had two otters come and swim with the dogs. They tricked the dogs into swimming out after them and then they would dive and pop up on the other side. They kept at it for about 15 minutes. This is Panda with the otters. You can barely see them, but those 2 black things are their heads. They are luring her out to them. Evil otters.


Aunt Krissy said...

Do you have other pics of the otters? They sure had cute faces!

tainterturtles said...

Nice looking dogs! Actually I'm afraid of dogs after being bit once on my bicycles and another time running in a snow storm. The dog that bit me while running in the snow storm was a retired police dog (German Shepard). He was not a nice doggy...had a bad attitude! So did it's alcoholic state trooper (she got fired). It's a long story. Anyway, I asked Kris if Abby would chase me on my bicycle if I rode by her house and she said Abby was very laid back. I'm relieved cuz one of these days I'm going to ride my bike to Kris's house.

PAK Art said...

None of our dogs chase people. They like to run out ahead of the 4-wheeler and even bite at the wheels of the 4-wheeler if you don't get going quickly enough.

No more pics of otters. They kept diving too quickly. I was lucky to get that one. Plus, that was back when I had that bad camera, not my good one.