Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fashions from the 70's

I guess our fashions weren't so bad after all. We were boat people, that's how we all dressed.

From L to R, please note the Farrah Fawcett hair-do sported by my big sister Kathy and the pink shirt she made herself in home-ec. That hair-do was hard to do without curling irons or blow dryers. Kathy put a lot of time into it. Next to her is Kris, striking a stylish pose in bell bottom jeans and faded blue fashionably baggy t-shirt. Behind is Mom in her infamous blue gingham Coulots (I'm not sure that's spelled correctly) with white peter pan collor and her fashionable across the chest purse strap. Next is me in levi jeans and the 70's striped shirt that all the girls were wearing. Alicia defies current fashion trends for a more 40's greaser look of levis with white T. And notice the rest of the hairstyles....we had our hair professionally cut about 1 year prior when leaving Florida, after that it was hacked away with dull scissors. Luckily for us we were outside all the time and could always claim the "windblown" look. If you looked closely you could probably see bangles on our wrists. All the girls at school wore bangles and I remember buying some for myself. Not 20 like the other girls, but a more demure 3 or 4. It was during this period that I had to have pierced ears too. My parents didn't mind but they weren't about to pay for it so I decided to pierce my own ears with needle, thread and ice. Dad ended up having to help me pull the needle through my lobes with pliers. OUCH! But I was so "in" after that.


Aunt Krissy said...

Kathy had some great hair!

Kellie said...

I love the 70's Patty!!! The 70's had the very BEST music,great hair styles and muscle cars!!!
P.S. bell bottoms and roller disco was fab too!!

Alicia said...

ha ha...that's so funny, your little comentary on what we are all wearing.

Kathy would be so horrified if she read that bit about her hair and taking all that time doing it because she's so not like that at all anymore. It'll be fun to bring it up the next time we're all together!

I couldn't find your little survey on the side bar.

I wonder who anonymous is?!?1

PAK Art said...

I took my survey down. It was over. I only had 4 respondents (my faithful readers) apparently you aren't one of them....you hurt my feelings! Not.

HotHeaded said...

I got my ears pierced with a rug needle and my friend pushing it through to a piece of plastic. I know what you mean about ouch! Cute pics by the way. I always love looking at pictures from the 60's and 70's. So much of the fashion is repeated its amazing!