Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cabin happenings

This is last summer at our cabin - my sister Alicia and her husband Jim came out for a few days. We did the usual, 4-wheel in by way of the muddy trail, have a nice campfire, cook marshmallows, go out in boats (rowboat for us, canoe for Alicia & Jim), Tim always weedwacks a bit, cuts some wood and gets water from the spring. It's always fun for me to have guests because Tim does spend a lot of time working, so having my sister there means we can talk....which we like to do.

For as much time as I've spent at the cabin with my other sister, Kris, I have relatively few pictures of her. I think she's not thrilled to have her pic took, or I took so many before I got the digital camera that I have them in scrapbooks, but not on my computer. Sorry Kris!

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Aunt Krissy said...

Cabin stories make me a little homesick. I miss that.