Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today is Thursday and I may be picking blueberries right now as you read this! Oh the wonders of "post options" in a blog site. I can create a new posting and then schedule it for the next day or day after or whenever I feel like it.

Last time we picked blueberries the bugs were really bad. I didn't have on any bug dope because it was a little breezy and that usually keeps the bugs at bay. But when we got back into the woods and to the swampy area where the best blueberry picking is, the bugs were BAD. I was holding a plastic container in one hand and trying to pick berries with the other but kept having to swat the mosquitos and no-see-ums away. Soon the top of my head and forehead felt like I had a bad sunburn and was even throbbing. The bugs had bit me so bad that I had slight swelling on my head.

Of course Tim told me I was a wimpy baby. You should see the bugs when he's out moose hunting! (apparently it's much worse where ever he's at). Tim lacks sympathy for the whining wife. He wants me to buck up and be a pioneer woman.
We only picked berries for about 5 minutes and were done. We had a container full. I guess I am kind of a pansy.


Aunt Krissy said...

Oh I dont miss the no-see-ums and all theother nasty litte things. I am having my own bug problems right now. Mine are just ugly!

tainterturtles said...

We have nice wild blueberries for the pickin way up north near Lake Superior. My husband and I really enjoy going into the forest looking for blueberries. Yup, the bugs can be bad too, but you just pick really, really fast. Poor Kris...wait till she finds out one of her jobs at the library will be to vacuum up all the Asian beatles that come into the library. Yes, even those little critters come inside. All they need is a little crack to squeeze into! They especially love the children's book!!!!

PAK Art said...

We didn't pick berries at all. Rained the ENTIRE time except for about two 15 minute sessions of partial not-rain.