Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who am I?

I'm a native born Alaskan who has lived here most of my life. I've lived out of state on a few occasions for up to three years. But for the most part, here I am and will be for some time. I have a love/hate relationship with Alaska. On the one hand we have gorgeous mountains, glaciers, clear running rivers, abundant wildlife, beautiful lakes, lush green forests and most of my sisters and parents....on the other hand we have rain. Lots of rain. Cool temperatures, even in summer. Long, cold, dark winters. And my kids and their families live in the lower 48. So, I continue to enjoy my life here doing the things Alaskans do, but pine for the day I can live in the midwest, enjoying the smells of farms, the sight of horses and cattle grazing in fields, and being close enough that my kids and sister in WI may come to visit once in awhile.


Aunt Krissy said...

ha ha ha! Now your a slave to the blog! I changed my comment section.I never even looked at that.I mean I looked but didnt pay attn. What templet did you use?
and did you AK pic come with borders? or did you add it? Didnt Tom buy you photo shop at one time?

patty s said...

Wow those paper cutting art pictures are beautiful. Must take TONS of patience. I wish I could click on them though to see them 'closer up'.

It's FINALLY raining here in CO and has been for a couple of days. It's been so hot and dry dry dry here - we're doing the rain dance of happiness. I remember the last few years I was in Kenai it rained all summer and all winter, so I feel your pain.

Are you going to post some pics of the wedding here????