Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Dogs...we have dogs. Not just one or two, but three. How you ask does one acquire three dogs? Well, it's easy when someone in the family keeps bringing them home....and it's not my husband.
Our oldest dog is MaryAnn, the white American Bulldog. She claims my husband as owner - we got her from a family member who could no longer keep her about 9 years ago. She will be 10 in November and is showing it. She's stiff and sore after we spend the weekend at the cabin.

Panda Bear is the black and white Border Collie mix. She kind of looks like a lab/husky cross and who really knows for sure? I picked her out at Wasilla Puppy Rescue about 5 years ago. She's still spry and thinks she is top dog around here. She recognizes me as her primary person.

Roxy is the newest to our family. She is a Boston Terrier mix and came to us a year ago from a young lady at church who could no longer keep her. (when told she was going to the pound I said, "I'll take her") She is very high energy! She's only 2 so we'll probably have her around for awhile - if we survive! She claims us both and is equally annoying to the 2 older dogs. She picks fights with MaryAnn and enjoys rough & tumble play with Panda.

I love them all. (my husband loves them too and even takes them out for boat rides)


Aunt Krissy said...

I miss MaryAnn and her snuggling! to bad she cant live with me, but then during thunder storms I would end up with no walls!

mocpaw said...

Thank you for putting my fish on. Thank you for a wonderful time in Alaska.

PAK Art said...

Mocpaw - Travis told me you were going to put up a blogspot to post pics - I'd love to see them. It's such a nice way to share pics with the rest of the family.